Why solid conservatory roofs are becoming increasingly popular for home owners

Why solid conservatory roofs are becoming increasingly popular for home owners

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Replace Your Glass Conservatory Roof with a Solid Roof

A conservatory can be the ideal way to enjoy your garden and your sunroof all year round. It’s a great way to show off your backyard to guests when hosting events, but it also allows you to hold these events even when the weather might not be so permitting. However, some of the features of a traditional conservatory are now quickly becoming things of the past.

The New Roof of Your Conservatory

The new trend when it comes to choosing a roof for your conservatory is quickly becoming the choice of a solid roof. There are many reasons for this, when it comes right down to it. Think about what a glass roof can allow to happen in your conservatory: the glass acts as a greenhouse and allows light to get into the room, which can be great, however with that extra light comes extra heat.

In the winter months, this might seem great, right? Well in the summer months this can make the sun room nearly unbearably warm. But actually the glass roof can be detrimental to your sun room experience during the winter as well. Since warm air rises, the glass can actually allow that warm air to escape outside, too. This not only results in dropping temperatures but also higher heating bills as your home works harder to keep itself warm.

By installing a solid, tiled roof instead of a glass roof, you can have a more comfortable sun room experience that is also actually cheaper to have for yourself and to offer to your guests at the same time.

Increase the Value of Your Home

A solid roof over your conservatory can increase the value of your home for all of the reasons above, but there are a few others as well. With a glass roof also comes the pressure of keeping it clean for the majority of the year as well. With droppings from various animals and other debris that can easily collect on the glass, many people might not view this as worth the hassle.

Solid roofs can also be installed in a variety of different styles, including Gable, Bespoke, and Victorian. Many UPVC window and conservatory companies including Select Home Windows can also customize these roofs for other style homes that might not fit exactly into these categories. By adding a roof that fits with the overall style of your home, you can also increase the appeal your home has to the eye, and therefore potential buyers.