Some Of The Most Creative And Beautiful Wine Barrel Furniture Ideas For Your Home!

Some Of The Most Creative And Beautiful Wine Barrel Furniture Ideas For Your Home!

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Wine barrel furniture is in trend these days, especially with the ever increasing popularity of wine country weddings. After all, is there any other way to add some classic yet playful style to your event? Today, you can get an ample of options, when it comes to furniture inspired from wine barrel. Take a look at some of the best wine barrel furniture ideas that will make you fall in love with them!

Wine barrel Cocktail Table

This is one of the major attractions in the Hungarian workshop featuring different wine barrel furniture styles. The glass top wine barrel cocktail tables can be a great piece of furniture to get re-acquainted with family and friends on your special occasion. They come with 30” glass top making it a perfect place for setting up your appetizers and cocktails, while you reminisce over your shared memories with your near and dear ones! It can be used to comfortably serve up to 3-4 people.

Wine barrel lighting

How can a reception be considered as complete without a beautiful light decoration? Well, you can add more style to your ordinary string lighting using wine barrels. All you need is to customize the how and where of your lighting effects in your desired setting and see what magical effects it can bring to your venue!

Wine barrel lounge tables

Gone are the days where people used to stand around before or after the wedding ceremony. These days, modern weddings are arranged in such a way allowing the guests to sit and relax giving them enough comfort to enjoy the occasion. This is where the role of wine barrel lounge table comes that offers perfect combination of style and function to your wedding ceremony.

Wine barrel bar

Add some unique style to your classic bartender with a fun play on the rustic wood and aged wine barrel. This type of bar is gaining much popularity a new play on dessert or cake table.

Wine barrel tables

Heat can be a major issue in the wine country wedding in fall and springs. A proper balance needs to be created between proper and stunning setting and the guest comfort. However, with the modern wine barrel tables with umbrellas having wine barrel cocktail and the lounge tables, you can ensure best benefits of both the worlds.

Wood top wine barrel cocktail table

These wine barrel cocktail tables can be great furniture to stand around with your family and friends, while having a gala time. They are normally fitted with 36” wood top that are sanded and stained to accentuate aged oak grains. They are a great work of art. Accentuating and complementing existing enchantment of winery, these creations are indeed must have to make every event memorable and fun.

Wine barrel Ice chest

Are you going to serve Beer or champagne to your guests? Well, even ordinary bottled water would look sophisticated while chilling in the new play on ice bucket. Just one look to it and you know it is just awesome to pass up on!

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Scott Forbes has written this article. Wine barrels are indeed most versatile pieces and that is why it is very easy to turn it into any furniture. Visit Hungarian workshop to get the best handcrafted wine barrel furniture that can make your every event beautiful and creative. You can visit their website to witness some of the gorgeous wine barrel furniture styles that you can ever dream of!