How to Clean a Dirty Ceiling Fan

How to Clean a Dirty Ceiling Fan

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How to Clean a Dirty Ceiling Fan

We often tend to neglect the finer details when it comes to taking care of our ceiling fans. We usually do not clean them at regular intervals, and they tend to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Not only is this unhygienic and unhealthy for you and others living in the home, but it also damages the machinery; the fan begins to fail and stops to work as smoothly as it used to. When you do not clean the ceiling fan for a long time, the grime gets sticky and difficult to remove.

Given below are some handy tips to help you clean a dirty ceiling fan:

Vacuum Clean the Blades

Do not let dirt settle on the blades of the fan. To avoid this, vacuum clean the surface of the blades of the ceiling fan regularly or as often as possible. Use the vacuum cleaner over all surfaces of the blades; top, bottom, and edges. This will suck away all dust and dirt and not allow any particles to stick to the blades.

Remove the Blades for Full Maintenance and Cleaning

At proper intervals, give a thorough cleaning to your ceiling fans. For this you will have to completely detach the blades. It is advisable that you seek professional help for this kind of maintenance since it involves testing and cleaning the motor too, which might slow down due to accumulation of dust over a long period of time. If dust settles on the interiors of the ceiling fan, it leads to shaking and the fan starts getting hot, which could cause damage to the machinery.

Detach the blades so that they do not bend during the process of maintenance. Make sure all screws and fixtures are properly fastened when reinstalling the blades to the motor so that there is no possibility annoying noise when the fan is back in operation.

The Pillowcase Cleaning Method

Do you sometimes get flustered and scared to clean your fans because they are horribly dirty? Say, it has accumulated so many layers of dirt that you have no idea what’s beneath them! Well, do not worry. There is an easy cleaning tip to make your fan look new again. Simply grab an old pillowcase and pull it over one blade of the fan. Clamp down on it with your hands and pull it off. This will remove a significant amount of dirt. Repeat this process till all the blades are cleaned thoroughly.

Clean the Lights on the Fan

Often ceiling fans have lights fitted on them. The surface of these lights can also have a layer of dirt. To clean them, use cleaning sprays and wipe with disposable paper towels.

Dust is less visible on dark-colored fans but it will still pollute the air you breathe in. So, except for the looks, it makes little sense to pay for a fan based on its color. Instead focus on the features, motor, and technology while buying a fan. For the best deals visit

You can always opt for a full maintenance which will test the electrical wiring as well as clean the machinery, but realistically no one is going to do this every time their fans need cleaning. Therefore, clean your fans with damp cloth as often as possible to prevent excessive dirt and grime build up, but make sure you rinse the cloth before reusing or otherwise it will simply transfer the dirt. Do this cleaning regularly to keep the fan as clean as possible.